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King's Corner Wood Turning and Woodworking

Photo Gallery

columns columns COL-1 64747617 COL-2 64747618 Post 195176251 COL-3 64748569 Porch Posts Created to match design 195176315 Reeded columns Mahogany reeded columns 206324910 8' tall mahogany column 11 1/2" diameter X 8" tall 206496188 11' Tall poplar columns series of 6 columns for historic renovation of Grafton Center Meeting House in Grafton, NH 206589875 8' tall mahogany columns 10 columns for wedding venue. They replace old columns built in the 1800's that had decay and rot. The new ones were brought up to today's building code. 206648735 Spire This mahogany spire is one of two in an hisoric home in NH. It's almost 8' tall. 206648738 Column replacements 2 of these columns were replaced in renovation. Please see one of the replacements in this section. 206648739 Replacement post Had to match existing post because there were others that matched. 206648740 Column base This mahogany column base is for a 36" diameter column, one of the largest I've ever done. Will be making 5 of them! 206648742 Replacement columns Replaces columns not to code that were installed. The new columns are solid and one piece. 206648743